Kitty the DJ - Femalecentric 4 Playlist

I want very much to share this playlist with the participants of the FemaleCentric event.

I'd also like to attach this message- I hope you can help me distribute this:

Amazing women- thank you for all you taught me on Sunday at FemaleCentric. There is something very important going on in our community and you are a vital part of it. The Art of it all is almost if it cannot be stopped from springing from your love and your support of each other. When I was your age, in the late 80's, there was lots of worthwhile, important, relevant art coming from the island; however, there was also fierce competition. Love and support was not what it is today. Artists needed Manhattan in those days. You all have this place and this system of women that will take you all where you want to go. 

You can create in seclusion, but your network is what will get your voices heard. Please keep it up. I'm so proud of you all that I have no words.

I host a show calle The She Pop Show and I only play female fronted music from around the world. This is what I was playing at your event on Sunday.  I want to share this playlist with you- I hope you find it inspirational, fun and fantastic.  - Kitty the DJ